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About CPR Education


We believe learning should be fun. While we’re committed to making sure your staff learns everything they need to know, we’re also going to keep them interested and awake.


We recognize that business doesn’t stop, and we want to make sure you don’t lose your groove. We bring our classes on site to keep your momentum going with minimal interruption.

AHA, ASHI & American Red Cross

Our courses meet the international bar for CPR & First-Aid training. We offer ASHI, American Heart Association (AHA), and American Red Cross (ARC) to suit your needs.

Expert Instructors.
Customized Classes.

We recognize that CPR classes are often something seen as a “have to” rather than a “want to”.  We put passion and caring into our training, and we’ll tailor our courses to keep them relevant to your workspace and industry.

Last Minute CPR training available!

Our Training Services.

CPR Education offers both on-location training, where we bring the class to you, as well as training at our convenient and easily accessible location at 148 Townsend St. & 2nd St.

* Our pre-scheduled classroom classes are hosted by our partner, Revive CPR. 

Due to COVID-19, we are currently offering blended learning courses to minimize your time around others.

Learn more about CPR eLearning here.


Covering adult, and/or child and infant patients


Often taught in conjunction with CPR/AED

EMSA Childcare

Required by licenses Daycare & Childcare Providers

Bloodborne Pathogens

Yearly training to keep you and coworkers safe

BLS Provider

AHA Training required by all Healthcare Providers


Advanced courses available by request – AHA Certifications

Plenty of Options

Traditional classroom, blended learning and on-location training available

Become an Instructor

Offering limited opportunities for those interested in teaching

Infant Essentials

For new & expecting parents and those caring for infants

Toddler Essentials

First-Aid & CPR with a focus on kids aged 1 – 4

Babysitter Essentials

Training aimed at a younger audience caring for kids and infants

CPR/AED & First-Aid for Schools

Designed for Students of varying ages and attention spans

2-Year Certification

The majority of our courses provide a 2-year certification

OSHA Compliant

Our Training complies by OSHA standards


Our courses ensure you get plenty of hands-on experience

ADA Accesible

Accomodations and modifications available as needed

Safety Training Made Easy.

CPR Education believes that doing our job well means keeping your job easy. We’re easy to work with, have incredibly competitive pricing, are entirely focused on being easy to reach, and we’re great at providing classes that won’t put you to sleep. We’re San Francisco’s premier CPR company.

Why Choose Us


We Appreciate You

That’s not just talk – we’re a family owned business and every client of ours is greatly valued.  We want you feeling like we provided our absolute best, because we want to see you again.


Personalized & Tailored Training

Every business and group is different.  We recognize that a cookie-cutter class approach just won’t do.  We’ll dig into the challenges and concerns your employees face, and address them directly.


Reality over Formality

While many people and businesses require training to satisfy job or licensing requirements (the formalities), the reality is that you may use these skills on people you love and care about.  We’ll help you fulfil your formal requirements, but we’ll keep it real while doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my certification?

We process certifications within 48 hours of class, though usually you’ll have it the same day.  This depends somewhat on the course, but we’re fast in geteting those to you!

What's your classroom schedule?

While we specialize in delivering our classes on-site to our clients, we do maintain an offering of scheduled clasess.  View our San Franciscco CPR Training schedule here. 

Do you offer online training?

We offer blened learning, which means the class is started online and when you’ve finished, you come in for a skills practice/assessment.  This means less time in the classroom, which most students find very accomodating to their schedules.  Learn more here: CPR & BLS eLearning 

How do I know which course to take?

There are number of courses and often an employer will dictate which you need.  If you’re not sure, we can guide you – just call us at 415-712-5550 and we’ll help guide you. 

Can we have a class at our home or office?

Yes.  We specialize in on-site CPR/AED and First-Aid training, and we offer a number of courses tailored to meet varying client needs. Call us at 415-712-5550 and we can answer your questions as well as schedule your private training course. 

Does BLS cover or include CPR/AED?

Yes, BLS stands for Basic Life Support and is a more advanced and comprehensive version of the lay-rescuer CPR/AED course.  BLS is typically taken by healthcare providers, though it is open to members of the general public. 

Walk in Appointments Coming soon.

As we expand our offerings, we’ll be keeping staff on-site at all times so you can do a blended learning course and come in for your skills sign-off at any time that’s good for you. Skills sessions pricing varies depending on cert needed, so call for specifics. 

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CPR Education partners
with Revive CPR at:

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